It’s time to stand together to protect Oregon’s rural communities, people and the small businesses that they run. Why? Because there is strength in numbers.

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The Chorus

This chorus will be sent to:
  1. Governor of Oregon
    Kate Brown
  2. Oregon House Leadership
    Tina Kotek and Mike McLane
  3. Oregon Senate Leadership
    Peter Courtney and Ted Ferrioli

Rural Oregonians Speaking For Rural Oregon

The Rural Voices Coalition advocates for sound policies that support rural communities, families and businesses. We oppose policies that discriminate to benefit urban political interests at the expense of rural Oregonians.

We expect Oregon’s political leaders to support policies that advance ALL Oregonians, not a few urban special interests. No one can represent the hard-working interests of those in rural Oregon better than the very people who live there. This is our land, our way of life and our unique heritage. Together we will speak up to have our voice heard by those who make costly policy decisions that impact our families, businesses and communities.

Petition by,
Rural Voices Coalition

The Cause

To Governor Kate Brown and the Oregon Legislature-

It is time for rural Oregonians to have their voices heard! Who speaks for rural Oregon? WE DO!

We support:

  • Growing family wage jobs in Oregon by supporting family businesses,

  • Strengthening Oregon’s natural resources industries,

  • Building critical transportation and water infrastructure to serve our schools, businesses, and communities, and

  • Common sense laws that do not unfairly discriminate against rural Oregonians.

To that end, we request that the Legislature:

  • Oppose mandates to outlaw or scrap diesel engines that our businesses and local governments rely on;

  • Oppose cap and trade and carbon tax legislation that increases the cost of transportation fuels and electricity prices on rural businesses and low-income Oregonians.

  • Support agency board and commission appointments that both proportionately represent rural communities and reflect the broad background and experience of rural Oregonians.


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